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ACCA Manual J Engineering Services – The Jack of All Trades vs. The Specialist

When it comes to choosing ACCA Manual J engineering services, you often have to choose between two prototypes: the jack of all trades and the specialist. The jack of all trades offers a wide variety of services, many of which you don’t really need. But their list of services is often so long and impressive that people don’t stop to consider whether or not the company does any of those services particularly well. On the other hand, if you look at a specialist, they may not be able to offer you much more than what you need, but you do know that they’ve got to at least be good at the few services they do offer you or else they wouldn’t be able to survive.

Companies that specialize in offering ACCA Manual J engineering services typically only offer Manual J load calculation, Manual S equipment selection, and Manual D duct design.

The reason that Savoy Engineering Group limit our services is because we recognize that these three services are the most important engineering services that an engineering group can offer, and so we would prefer to focus on what’s important and excel at that instead of scattering their efforts in order to make it look like they’re experts at everything.

When narrowing your pool of candidates, you want to take a look at the education of the head of each engineering group. You want to make sure that this person has at least a master’s degree in engineering. Only at this level of education can you get the in-depth training and knowledge that you need in order to not only understand the fundamental philosophy of engineering, but also to have the ability to understand complex theoretical concepts and experience in troubleshooting and finding solutions to problems.

But education is only half of the equation. Experience is the other half. You want to find an engineering group that has completed hundreds or thousands of projects and have been in business at least 5 years. Education is important, but unless it’s coupled with practical, hands-on experience, it’s only theoretical. You want to hire a group that has real-world experience at solving real-world problems. And you also want to look for a group that has specific experience in your industry. While they don’t necessarily have to be specialists in your particular niche, you want them to have a substantial amount of experience in your field.

The truth is that it’s difficult enough just focusing on ACCA certified engineering services without also bringing in all kinds of other peripherals. If you hire ACCA Manual J engineering services from a specialist, then you know that this is business as usual for that engineering group. You know that this is what they do every day; that they’re not distracted by other services that they offer, and that they won’t try to pressure you to purchase their other services as well. But, in truth, all you really need are the ACCA certified services.

It’s important not to be blinded by an impressive array of services. It’s important to dig deep and really ascertain whether or not a company is able to provide the excellence you need in the services that they offer. This is much easier to do with a company that specializes in ACCA Manual J Engineering Services because you won’t have to wade through as much extraneous information in order to get to the heart of the matter. There are some cases in which variety and selection are good, such as choosing a meal from a menu. But choosing engineering services is not one of them.

Finding a good engineering group might not be as easy as you initially thought, but it’s really not that difficult, either. Most engineering groups are able to meet the criteria of education and experience. But you certainly want to prevent from being tempted to go with a newer company just because they offer you a price you can’t refuse. You might save some money up front, but you’ll more than likely pay for it on the back end. And when your reputation is on the line, you want the safety of a reliable engineer on your side.

Savoy Engineering Group offers ACCA Certified Manual J8 Load Calculations, Manual S HVAC equipment selection and Manual D Duct Design services performed by Masters level engineer utilizing the ACCA Certified WrightSoft Universal software based on Manual J8.  Savoy Engineering Group has been providing Manual J, S & D service for since 2005 and has completed 5,000+ design projects.  We are Fast, Accurate and Affordable!