Heat Loss and Heat Gain – Climate and the Efficiency of Your HVAC System

Everyone wants a home that’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Nobody wants a house that’s cold in the winter and hot in the summer. This is why many people decide to have central heating and air conditioning systems installed in their homes. But while this is a common decision to make … Continue Reading »

Manual J Load Calculations – What is the Hype?

Has the term HVAC load calculation caught your ears? For most people, such term may arrive as to their ears. Basically, a load calculation pertains to the process of identifying the appropriate size of an air conditioner or furnace for a home or building. During the early times of the market, HVAC duct design and … Continue Reading »

This House is TOO COLD – How an ACCA Certified Manual J will avoid the Goldilocks Home

Your home should be the place that is the most comfortable and inviting space in your life.  If your HVAC system is not working properly or is not the optimum design for your home not only will it be uncomfortable, it will also cost you a lot more money than it should.  ACCA certified Manual … Continue Reading »

The Best HVAC Calculations Service

Installing a home HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system isn’t merely a matter of calling a technician and having them perform an installation over the course of an afternoon. Installing one of these systems is a very time-intensive process that involves a number of steps. Not only that, but there are a number of … Continue Reading »

SDHV vs Conventional HVAC Comfort Systems

Many owners of older homes that are without forced-air heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems would like to add central air conditioning or heating ducts, but are cannot due to their high cost and the difficulty associated with the installation process. Installation of ductwork may require removing large sections of walls, floors or ceilings, or … Continue Reading »

Manual J Load Calculation – Its Benefits for the Homeowner and Contractor

When you are having a central air system installed into your home, it can be a lot more complicated than simply finding room in the walls and attic of your house for all the necessary equipment. Part of the challenge is also making sure that the system you’ve chosen can do an adequate job of … Continue Reading »

Watch movie online Froning: The Fittest Man In History (2015)

WATCH NOW Quality : HDTitle : Froning: The Fittest Man In HistoryDirector : Heber Cannon.Writer : Release : 2015-10-01Language : English.Runtime : 99 min.Genre : Documentary. Synopsis : Movie ‘Froning: The Fittest Man In History’ was released in October 1, 2015 in genre Documentary. Heber Cannon was directed this movie and starring by Rich Froning … Continue Reading »

EnergyStar Rebates and Manual J Load Calculations – Going Green

The whole world today is going green. What does this mean? Everyone is trying to figure out ways to conserve energy use. This means more efficient heating and cooling systems in both homes and commercial spaces, and for the people who build these systems, they have to get in gear as well. More efficiency means … Continue Reading »

This House is Just Right – How an ACCA Certified Manual J will avoid the Goldilocks Home

Is your home too hot?  Is your home to cold?  The perfect home should be right in that sweet spot where the temperature is comfortable no matter what the season is.  Keeping your home at the right temperature on a consistent basis not only makes it a more pleasant place to be, but it makes … Continue Reading »

CALGreen Manual J load calculations & Manual D Duct Design

So you went to your permit office and found out you need a Manual J load calculation, Manual S HVAC equipment selection and Manual D duct design to fulfill this CALGreen 4.507.2 Heating and Air Conditioning System Design. No worries! Savoy Engineering Group offers complete ACCA Compliant Manual J, S & D services by WrightSoft … Continue Reading »