ACCA HVAC System Design – Manual J, S & D – The Basics

When you are building a house, it is very important to make sure your HVAC equipment is properly sized for the space that you are building in. Building a system that is too big or too small can cause many problems down the line that you won’t want to deal with because you’ll just want … Continue Reading »

So your Manual J Load Calculation was just rejected because it wasn’t “ACCA Certified” – What load calculation software should you have used?

It is critical your Manual J load analysis is produced with ACCA certified software by someone who understands Manual J theory – not just someone who can punch buttons in a software program. Ask your HVAC designer if they have read the ACCA Manual J (8th Edition), Manual S, Manual D & Manual T books … Continue Reading »

ACCA Certified Manual J Load Calculation Inputs For a Single-Family Home

It seems like every single day Savoy Engineering Group’s telephone rings with contractors who have just learned that their municipality now requires an ACCA Certified Manual J8 load calculation. These hard-working individuals| are intimidated by the new International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requirements that are sweeping theUnited States.

I need a Manual J Load Calculation – Where do I find a qualified HVAC designer?

Contractors and builders are walking into permit offices and being told they have to size their heating and cooling equipment and their duct work according to something called ACCA Manual J and Manual D.  Okay, what the heck is that and how do you get them done, never mind done accurately???

Why Won’t My Permit Office Let Me Use Worse Case Design Temperatures in My Manual J Load Calculation?

The simple answer is “Because They Will Reject Your Permit Application” as will your LEED, EnergyStar or HERSRater.  Most HVAC installers and homeowners want to design for the hottest day in August and a 70 F indoor design temperature.  This creates a situation where your HVAC system is oversized resulting in inadequate dehumidification, possible coil … Continue Reading »

Manual D Duct Design – The “Blood Vessels” of an HVAC System

When people think of central heating and air conditioning, the first thing that comes to mind is the air conditioning unit itself. While it is true that the unit is the heart of the central heating system, it won’t do you any good unless the ducts, the “blood vessels” of this system, are organized and … Continue Reading »

WrightSoft ACCA Compliant to Get It Right – WrightSoft Manual J Designers

ACCA approved Wrightsoft programs include Right-J for residential heat gain and heat loss calculations, Right-D for residential duct sizing and Right-N for light commercial loads.   WrightSoft also bundles their various design modules into Right-Suite.  Bill Wright and his team are continuously adding new easy-to-use features.