Savoy Engineering Group

Heber City, UT:  Savoy Engineering Group is an ACCA Compliant Manual J Load calculation service based in Heber City, a small Utah community that lies to the southeast of Salt Lake City. They are the number one provider in the United States. They have been in the business since February of 2005, during which time they have worked on thousands of HVAC designs. ACCA compliant calculations are required in the majority of states for one to enter the business of working with heating and cooling systems.

Load Calculations’ primary service is in HVAC design and pricing. The Head Engineer has a master’s level education. Their service is fast, and prices affordable: $75 per hour with standard shipping, $125 with express, and $175 with priority (respectively, ten-, five- and three- day turnaround).

The company has a 100 percent pass rate for permit office, EnergyStar, ASHRAE, ACCA, LEED, Build Green compliant reports. Manual J requires that the outdoor design temperatures for winter and summer be based on their 99 and 1 percent values respectively.

Two other branches of the company are ACCA Compliant Manual D Duct Design Service and WrightSoft Residential HVAC Design Services. One of the problems that the duct design system attempts to solve is that of the noise which all too often emanates from the ducts of an edifice. They also ensure that each room will have a different amount of heat and cold pumped into it, in accordance with its particular needs. For instance, small rooms and big rooms call for different levels of temperature control.

Savoy’s engineers are well- equipped, not only with a detailed education, but also with much experience in actually working in the field.

Also available from them is ACCA- compliant software designed for calculating prices. Such software is valuable because having the right heating and cooling equipment for the right size and type of building is crucial: It must not heat up too quickly or it will get dank, nor too slowly or the air inside will be uncomfortably dry— or the consequences could be even more disastrous than that— much power and money are wasted, the strain on the power system is greater and breakdowns occur more frequently, and bigger systems tend to wear out more quickly.manual j s d

Savoy never performs block services; it does only room by room load calculations. This is because the former type are rejected by the great majority of reviewing authorities, which in turn is explained by the differing needs of different rooms, as mentioned above.

Countless companies have been the clients of Manual J and Manual D, among them: Horizon Group International; Microtecture; Cozen Architecture; Abraxas; Shoreline East; Corrado Construction; Strecker Remodeling & Construction; Rainbow Child Development Center; and Stillwater Development.

The ability to control the temperature of an interior by artificial means is one which we in the developed world tend to take for granted, and it is difficult to imagine how we ever managed without it. Which is precisely why designing and installing HVAC systems has become a whole discipline. And Savoy is an expert in that discipline.