This House is TOO COLD – How an ACCA Certified Manual J will avoid the Goldilocks Home

Your home should be the place that is the most comfortable and inviting space in your life.  If your HVAC system is not working properly or is not the optimum design for your home not only will it be uncomfortable, it will also cost you a lot more money than it should.  ACCA certified Manual J is the method used by the entire industry for a reason.  By designing the proper ductwork to go along with the correct size of air conditioning unit, your home and can run at maximum efficiency.  This allows you to have a more relaxing place to call your own.

Professionals use this method to calculate the cooling load of a particular building.  This allows them to come up with the most effective heating and cooling system so that the homeowner is not throwing money away on unnecessarily high energy bills.  The right age the AC design is one that includes an air conditioning unit that is neither too large nor too small.  If your air conditioner is too small for your home it will struggle to keep the interior temperature at a comfortable level.



Manual J is that industry standard method used to calculate a building’s cooling load.  This method is used by professionals to calculate the HVAC designed that will best suit the needs of a given building.  Homes that heat or cool unevenly require more energy and are therefore more expensive than a home in which the system perfectly meets the heating and cooling needs.  Bigger is definitely not better when it comes to an air conditioning system.  If a system is too large it will be running constantly at a low capacity eating up your family’s energy budget.

Likewise, a system which is too small will be running at full capacity which is also very inefficient.  The trick is to find the correct size system for your home.  An air conditioning system which is too large will be expensive to purchase and will not run efficiently.  However, a system that is the right size for a building can operate at a maximum level of effectiveness using a minimal amount of energy.  An educated and certified professional can have you on your way to comfort and cost savings in no time at all.

ACCA certified Manual J load calculations allow professionals in the industry to quickly and easily determine exactly the right system to meet your needs.  When the right system is installed in your home the benefits will show up not only in the overall comfort level, but also in your family’s monthly budget.  It is almost impossible to get the interior temperature of your home at a consistent and comfortable level if you do not have the correct heating and air conditioning system installed in the first place.  Not only does it make financial sense, it is the much more environmentally friendly way to live.