EnergyStar Rebates and Manual J Load Calculations – Going Green

The whole world today is going green. What does this mean? Everyone is trying to figure out ways to conserve energy use. This means more efficient heating and cooling systems in both homes and commercial spaces, and for the people who build these systems, they have to get in gear as well. More efficiency means less wasted energy, and it isn’t just environmentalists who benefit from less waste. It’s also every homeowner and by association, every tenant too. What does this mean for builders and contractors? It means a new day is here, and you must adjust your practices accordingly. But luckily there is incentive to do so in the form of EnergyStar rebates and Manual J load calculations.

EnergyStarEnergyStar is a government program. It is the joint program of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Energy Department, and its aim is to try to help everyone save some of their hard-earned money as well as helping to improve on how we treat the environment by encouraging services and products that are energy-efficient. To do this, they have made widely available rebates to be issued as money back guarantees on projects that have been built with specific green friendly or energy efficient specs in mind. So EnergyStar rebates and Manual J load calculations have had to get in synch and the collaboration has been beneficial for all involved.

Manual J load calculations have adjusted to keep green principles and ideas in mind in the past several years. As a result, if you as a contractor or builder take the time to become proficient in and knowledgeable of Manual J, you will automatically have a line into the wide array of benefits that EnergyStar offers to qualified and eligible parties. It is worth your while as a professional to become well-versed in the literature of your field and to explore how the intersection of EnergyStar rebates and Manual J load calculations will affect you and can be beneficial for you.

It is good for the environment and for world at large to collaborate with EnergyStar. Reportedly, the organization was able to save enough greenhouse gas emissions to equal the output of 30 million cars last year, and while doing it, they helped consumes save more than 16 billion in energy and utility bills. EnergyStar rebates and Manual J load calculations give builders and contractors an exciting way to be at the front of this 21st century cultural movement.