This House is Just Right – How an ACCA Certified Manual J will avoid the Goldilocks Home

Is your home too hot?  Is your home to cold?  The perfect home should be right in that sweet spot where the temperature is comfortable no matter what the season is.  Keeping your home at the right temperature on a consistent basis not only makes it a more pleasant place to be, but it makes sense for your budget as well.  Having the correct HVAC system in your home is also the greener way to live.  The ACCA certified Manual J load calculations can ensure that your heating and air conditioning system is the perfect fit for your home.goldilocks

The best way to save money on your home’s heating and cooling bills is to make sure that you have the most efficient HVAC system available.  This is not only the most financially responsible way to live, it is also the most environmentally friendly.  These are two of the most profound reasons to have an ACCA certified Manual J report done for your home.  This cannot only have a positive effect on your family’s budget, but will allow you to live in a home that is comfortable for years to come.  After all, your home is your most valuable investment.

If you take a look at your home, odds are that no two rooms are exactly the same size.  This means that each room has different heating and cooling needs.  A smaller room does not need as much cool in air pumped into it as a larger room does in the summertime.  This is just common sense.  Determining exactly what the needs of each room are is where and ACCA certified Manual J report comes in.  Using this industry standard, a professional can help you to determine exactly what the needs of your home are.

Winter EnergyStar Indoor Temperature

Winter EnergyStar Indoor Design Temperature

This technique determines the heating and cooling load for each building.  It can be used to determine both the heat loss and heat gain for just about any home.  Using this information, a contractor can make an educated evaluation as to what size heating and cooling equipment would best suit your needs.  This will help you to avoid purchasing an air conditioner or heater that is too small or too large for your home, since neither is an efficient way of controlling the interior temperature.  In order to keep your home at a consistent and comfortable temperature you need an HVAC system designed and sized specifically for your home.

Summer EnergyStar Indoor Temperature

Summer EnergyStar Indoor Design Temperature

Living green is one of the most popular buzzwords today.  By making your home more efficient you can do exactly that.  Saving energy not only saves you money, it puts less of a load on our environment in general.  Of course saving money is a perfectly good reason to maximize your home’s heating and cooling efficiency.  Whether it is the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter, no one wants to live in a home that is uncomfortable.  ACCA certified Manual J reports can provide you with the information you need to get the most out of your hard earned money.