Why is a PROPER Manual D Duct Design Important?

  1. The design of your duct work is critical for proper performance of your heating and cooling equipment
  2. A less expensive system with a proper duct design often performs better than a high SEER system with a poor duct design
  3. You will have much higher heating and cooling utility bills with a poor duct design
  4. Your unit will run more often and for longer periods of time trying to condition your home if the duct layout is poorly designed
  5. Your HVAC equipment can wear out compressors if the improper duct design results in inadequate air flow
  6. Inadequate air flow can also result in your ac coil freezing up in the summer months
  7. You will have uneven temperature distribution throughout your home resulting in a GoldiLocks Home – some rooms will be too hot in the summer and other rooms will be too cold in the winter

    ACCA Manual D

    ACCA Manual D Duct Design

  8. Often contractors will just install an oversized unit instead of opening walls & ceilings to correct the poorly designed duct work resulting in a whole new set of problems
  9. Because the unit is working harder to overcome the duct design issues, the unit may not last as long as normal
  10. If the ductwork is sealed poorly or has leaks, you can develop moisture and possibly mold issues due to condensation in the unconditioned attic or crawlspace
  11. Your HVAC equipment design, selection and installation either increase or decrease the comfort of the occupants and the value of your home – Insist on an ACCA Certified Manual D duct design!