The Third Step – Sizing Supply & Return Duct Work Properly Using ACCA Manual D Duct Design

So you are getting ready to replace an old HVAC system or perhaps you are building your new dream home viagra a andorre.  Before making that purchase or even selecting the installing contractor, there are three important factors to investigate to ensure optimum comfort in your home for many years to come.  This blog addresses the 3rd step – ACCA Manual D Duct Sizing

Why do EnergyStar, LEED, CALGreen, and many permit offices insist on ACCA Manual D  duct sizing for your supply and return duct work?  Because Manual D duct design has a proven track record over many decades just like the Manual J & Manual S.  If your HVAC designer uses proper duct sizing techniques:

  • Layout of your home
  • Room x room heating and cooling needs based on your ACCA Manual J results
    • Ensures the correct heating and cooling is supplied resulting in the desired temperature
    • Appropriate register sizes based on Manual T air distribution
    • Proper supply and return main plenum size based on velocity and friction rate
      • Too high a velocity will produce noise issues
      • Some contractors use the same size branch duct to all rooms while the bath needs very little conditioning and the bedroom requires 2-3 times as much

ACCA Manual D Duct Sizing is the third important step to achieving a proper, quality HVAC installation for optimum performance.  If the duct work (air distribution system) is improperly installed, each room will get varying amounts of comfort and can result in great discomfort and disappointment

ACCA Manual D

Sizing Supply & Return Duct Work Properly Using ACCA Manual D Duct Design

in your New Comfort System.

Duct work that is too large will result in rooms becoming uncomfortable  – This duct work is TOO Big! Duct work that is too small will increase your utility bills and perform inefficiently – This duct work is TOO Small!

Avoid having GoldiLocks ductwork.  Confirm your HVAC Designer uses ACCA Manual D software and theory to size your duct work.  You are investing a lot of your hard earned $$$ – with proper heat loss/gain results (Manual J), you can select a properly sized system (Manual S), and proper duct sizing (Manual D).  Then your Comfort System will be Just Right!

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