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  • HVAC Manual J load calcs for residential homes
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ACCA Manual D duct designs

Quality HVAC Design in United States

Savoy Engineering Group are experts at residential HVAC design including ACCA Manual J load calculations, Manual S equipment sizing and Manual D duct designs. Whether your project is a small addition or an entire subdivision, our Quality HVAC Designers will ensure your HVAC design is performed following all ACCA rules. The owner has a Master’s Level Engineering degree and is ACCA Certified in Manual J, S & D principles. We have performed thousands of Quality ACCA Manual J & ACCA Manual D designs since 2005 making us the #1 provider of Quality ACCA Certified HVAC Designs in the United States!

Benefits of Proper HVAC Design

The three reasons properly sized HVAC equipment is critical are: Equipment Efficiency, Everyday Comfort and Indoor Air Quality. HVAC Equipment Efficiency: Improperly sized comfort equipment will cost more to operate. If the installed equipment is oversized, you will pay for the larger unit, larger installation costs, larger energy costs to operate the oversized fans and compressors. In addition, the system will cycle on and off causing unusual wear and tear. In contrast, if the unit is undersized, it will run continuously. Your system needs to be sized "just-right". The system will run steadily and smoothly and will be more affordable to operate. Everyday Comfort: Many HVAC installers believe in “Bigger is Better” instead of “Just-Right” resulting in comfort issues for the people living in the home. An oversized air conditioner will not dehumidify the home. Because the unit cycles on and off, the coil never has the opportunity to cool down. In a properly sized AC unit, the coil cools down producing condensation which in turn dehumidifies your home. So the thermostat set point is satisfied, but the occupants of the home certainly are not because they are cold and clammy. Indoor Air quality: If your contractor believes "Bigger is Better" and your system is over-sized, the system will not properly dehumidify, resulting in moisture problems. A moist atmosphere can result in mold and mildew, excessive dust mites, etc. Lack of humidity is a major issue throughout the United States and Properly sized HVAC equipment by the proven industry standard of ACCA Compliant Load Calculations is the ONLY way to ensure YOUR house is "Just Right"!

HVAC Design Prices

Please see our upfront, easy-to-understand Quality HVAC Design Pricing. No vague $0.12 per sq ft + $49 per floor +… Our pricing is based on the square footage of your conditioned home and how quickly you need your Quality HVAC Design completed. Simply find the square footage bracket for your home’s conditioned space and choose your how quickly you need. We offer both ACCA Manual J&S services (load calculation and verify equipment sizing) and ACCA Manual J, S & D services (load calculation, verify equipment sizing and duct design). While most permit offices require at least a Manual J&S report, many also require the Manual D duct design.